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Wheat Datasets

Bioplatforms Australia is creating a wheat dataset to compliment important research aimed at improving crop yields and wheat defence mechanisms.

As a staple food crop for the world’s population and Australia’s most important grain export, its economic significance and potential for global food security will ensure that a large scale wheat dataset will make an invaluable contribution to current and on-going research.

The dataset will provide information relevant to breeding programs seeking yield increases and greater defence against climate and biotic stress. Bioplatforms Australia has established a working group of leading researchers and industry specialists to help establish and direct the work program.  Existing data will be combined with new genomic, proteomic and metabolomics analyses to create datasets for wheat varieties of significance to the Australian industry and growing conditions together with critical pathogens and pests.

Data generation has commenced and will be delivered around three themes:

Bioplatforms Australia Wheat Sequencing Initiative data release policy.

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Wheat Genotyping

Bioplatforms Australia, together with contributing partners, is investigating strategies to deploy genotyping information arising from the analysis of the wheat variety sequencing data.

Wheat Defence

Wheat Partners

Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics
Australian National University
Curtin University
Murdoch University
NSW Department of Primary Industries
University of Queensland
University of Sydney
Victorian Department of Primary Industries


Wheat Sequencing

Wheat Defence





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